Why Us?

Our Approach

The first step is an evaluation. Our examination process tests knowledge and understanding in varying subject areas and gives our teachers the information they need to help your student.

After we understand your student’s needs, we’ll create an individualized plan for success. The team at Edmond Learning Academy is comprised of certified teachers, all with a passion for helping students succeed. Each one of our tutors have a unique skill set.

Your student will be paired with instructors who are not only trained in proven teaching pedagogy, but are also able to apply their individual knowledge according to best practices.

As your student progresses, we’ll adapt and grow their instruction along with them. Building on success is a key principle for continued improvement, and we have a strong track record of strengthening students.

Certified, Intuitive Teachers

All of the tutors at Edmond Learning Academy are certified teachers. This ensures that they understand the school level requirements that your student needs to meet. Many of them also have graduate degrees and additional experience in areas like special education, autism, reading, and more.

In addition to the academic background, our teachers have experience with methods that work as well as the freedom to trust their instincts about what a student needs.

Student/Teacher Ratio

When evaluating a school, the student/teacher ratio is usually a factor when parents or guardians are weighing which school is best for their child. Personal instruction is incredibly vital for a student’s understanding and comprehension. We keep interactions personal at Edmond Learning Academy to take advantage of the best resource available to develop your student’s progress: an experienced teacher. 

Small teacher-to-student ratios mean that we get to know your student personally and appreciate them. We can teach directly to them; thus giving them the absolute best instruction each time they come to ELA. 

No Contracts

We don’t require contracts because we don’t need them. Our outcomes for students bring us referrals and repeat clients. In addition, we want our neighbors to feel comfortable entering a partnership with us, not coerced. Our results have built our reputation and we’re confident enough in our process to let you make educational decisions for your child without additional pressures.

No Homework

We’re able to help our students achieve academic success without assigning additional homework, on top of their already full loads. Young minds should be tired after working hard in school. We encourage play, rest, and participating in family life after a full day of academic endeavors. 

Local Relationships

As an independent educational center, the Edmond Learning Academy is a local business. We’re invested in the community and uniquely equipped to help children navigate challenges with local school systems. We aren’t bound by corporate rules made by an entity miles away; we can adapt to your child’s needs quickly and creatively.

“My teenager doesn’t fight me about going to Edmond Learning Academy.”

Miranda S.

Needing More Assistance?

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