Getting Started

Initial Assessment

Whether there’s a long and documented history of a very specific educational challenge, a sudden mystery about an inability to proceed in a certain area, or contemplating how to excel in college placement exams, our recommendation is that we conduct an assessment of your child’s academic skills. It may just be in the subject where the struggle is occurring, or it may be more comprehensive (to allow for a broader picture). The evaluation will only take a couple of hours, and parents are welcome to stay onsite or drop the student off.

Afterwards, the family and teacher will review results and design a plan. The goal is for Edmond Learning Academy to come alongside and do the “heavy lifting” whereby taking the pressure off of parents/guardians. We believe the parents, students, and our exceptional tutors should work together as a team during the entire process. 


Edmond Learning Academy generally follows Edmond Public Schools schedule concerning closures and cancelations, including closing for inclement weather and holidays.

We’re open all summer and highly encourage summer attendance for boosting school year readiness. Just a reminder, we are closed on Saturdays.

We work with you to develop a schedule that respects your family time as well as other obligations and pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens first?

Our first step is an assessment. Afterwards, we sit down with the parent/guardian(s) and child together and use the assessment results to create an individualized plan for success. Struggles in school are a family problem, and we encourage family-centered solutions!

Do you schedule or require sessions on Saturdays?

We’re closed on Saturdays! Five days of school is plenty. Students and their families are encouraged to enjoy their weekends.

Are you open during the summer?

We are open for business during the summer, and welcome the chance to help students prepare for a strong start to their upcoming school year. Summer preparation can be a great benefit to a struggling student, both academically and confidence-wise.

How long is the testing process?

The assessment can take one to two hours. Parents/guardians can stay while the testing is taking place, or drop the student off and come back.

What is Edmond Learning Academy’s regular schedule?

Edmond Learning Academy is open Monday – Thursday. We follow the same schedule as Edmond Public Schools. If inclement weather or other factors cause closure for EPS, we will generally be closed as well.

How can a small student-to-teacher ratio be more beneficial than a private tutor?

Many people believe that completely individualized instruction, as you get with a private tutor, represents the ideal for helping a struggling student. The advantage to using Edmond Learning Academy is that you get the small student-to-teacher ratio, but also access to evaluation tools, specialized curricula, and the value of a team of talented teachers as support.

“The teachers at Edmond Learning Academy know what they are doing! Tremendous results!”

Brandy O.