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Our Solutions 

Edmond Learning Academy has a heart for students and the tools to help. We create customized tutoring solutions for our Kindergarten – 12th grade students and have over 31,000 lessons under our belt. Whether your little one needs support learning to read, or you have a high schooler ready to take the ACT, we have a variety of academic solutions for your family.

An assessment is an important first step in properly addressing an academic challenge. Edmond Learning Academy can evaluate students in math, reading, and writing to provide a thorough understanding of a student’s areas of need, and tailor instruction appropriately.

When providing educational help, creativity can be an important asset. As an independent tutoring center, we are able to tailor our methods to be both highly effective and family friendly.

Flexible Curriculum

We shift materials to address the student’s need. There’s no need to make the child fit the curriculum.

No Homework

Everything we do to help your student is accomplished during the tutoring session. Using the latest research, we know the last thing a student needs when struggling at school is more work to take home!

Person to Person Instruction

All students benefit from observation and interaction with a real, live teacher invested in their success. A small tutor-to-student ratio means individualized attention and immediate feedback, as well as consistent, specific encouragement.

What We Do

When a student is either struggling academically or needs a challenge, choosing an option can be overwhelming. Franchised learning centers and private tutors are often the first place parents turn, but Edmond Learning Academy offers a unique solution that’s both educationally effective and family friendly. Several aspects of our process set us apart from other tutors and tutoring companies…

Certified Teachers

We believe that state-certified teachers are the instructors best equipped to understand a student’s school-related needs. All of the tutors at Edmond Learning Academy are state-certified teachers, and we have specialists in areas such as reading, special education and autism. We regularly work with differently wired (neurodivergent) children with learning differences and may receive special education services using a 504 or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) at school. 

Individualized Instruction

Our tutors work alongside the student until mastery is achieved. If an approach isn’t working, we have the flexibility to adapt the instructional method and curriculum to fit the child’s needs.

No Contracts

Our families keep coming back because we provide solutions…contracts aren’t necessary. We want to help your student and  family by alleviating the stress of educational challenges, not adding pressure by requiring commitments from you.

Locally Owned

Edmond Learning Academy is not a franchise operated by an out-of-state entity; we’re a part of our community, invested in assisting families by enabling students to succeed in local schools. If a curriculum isn’t working for a child, we don’t have to follow corporate guidelines…we can adapt and do what works for your individual student.

“I love the way they encourage each and every one of their students. Great resources and amazing tutors. ELA feels like family; we trust them wholeheartedly and know our daughter’s future will be better because of them.”

Nina C.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens first?

Our first step is an assessment. Your student is evaluated in the subject where the struggle is occurring or in several areas (more information is always beneficial). Afterwards, we sit down with the parent/guardian(s) and child together to create an individualized plan for success. School struggles are a family problem, and we encourage family-centered solutions!

Do you schedule or require sessions on Saturdays?

We’re closed on Saturdays! Five days of school is plenty. Students and their families are encouraged to enjoy their weekends.

Are you open during the summer?

We are open for business during the summer, and welcome the chance to help students prepare for a strong start to their upcoming school year. Summer preparation can be a great benefit to a struggling student, both academically and confidence-wise.

How long is the testing process?

The assessment can take one to two hours. Parents/guardians can stay while the testing is taking place, or drop the student off and come back.

What is Edmond Learning Academy’s regular schedule?

Edmond Learning Academy is open Monday – Thursday. We follow the same schedule as Edmond Public Schools. If inclement weather or other factors cause closure for EPS, we will generally be closed as well. 

How can a small student-to-teacher ratio be more beneficial than a private tutor?

Many people believe that completely individualized instruction, as you get with a private tutor, represents the ideal for helping a struggling student. The advantage to using Edmond Learning Academy is that you get the small student-to-teacher ratio, but also access to evaluation tools, specialized curricula, and the value of a team of talented teachers as support.