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1st-12th grade

The student will be provided with a customized lesson plan developed by experienced educators. Our plans are based on your child’s strengths and challenges.

Edmond Learning Academy addresses many areas of reading including:

  • comprehension
  • phonics
  • sight words
  • vocabulary
  • decoding
  • fluency

Our diagnostic approach to teaching allows the tutor to work on skills the student needs, and creates a space for our students to progress when mastery has been achieved.

We understand the importance of reading and the impact it plays on your child’s overall education. Our goal is to help them read with ease and confidence! Since Edmond Learning Academy does the instructional “heavy lifting” during the tutoring sessions, we allow our families to keep reading time fun and exciting at home.


1st-12th grade

Edmond Learning Academy will teach your child to cultivate a writing process that is accompanied by fluid writing and correct grammar. A customized lesson plan is created to instruct students in each writing stage. The process begins with basic sentence structure and progresses to composing a five-paragraph essay. Eventually, the student moves to construct advanced narrative/expository/research essays. Your child will learn the entire process of brainstorming, organizing, writing, and editing until he or she has completed a fully developed and synthesized essay.


A diagnostic approach is used to teach your child challenging concepts which allows our teachers to focus on the results from your child’s assessment. Our goal is to assist student success by honing the concepts that your child needs the most.

1st-12th grade 

Your child will receive customized lesson plans which will include learning foundational math concepts and practicing appropriate math facts. Students working on either lower or upper-level math may require (and will receive) assistance with understanding current classroom concepts, encouragement with study habits, and those who want to look ahead at upcoming topics will be encouraged and enabled.  Students will also receive support for addressing skill gaps as well as accountability for homework completion.

ELA never assigns homework, but we do provide homework support and encourage our students to bring in their quiz/test reviews for help. Our students may work on foundational skills, homework assistance, or a combination of both.


Students will learn tips regarding the overall exam, deeper insight into specific test sections, how to pace oneself on test day, and will practice with real questions. Each student reviews his or her strengths and weaknesses in the individual sections; this enables ELA to develop a successful testing strategy for students.

Edmond Learning Academy offers a complete practice ACT test; similar to the national test day assessment which provides students with familiarity of the ACT process. Our students begin and end test day with confidence with these pieces in place.


Homework Help

Kindergarten – 12th

Your child can bring in homework, projects, essays, study guides, worksheets, and other assigned work. Edmond Learning Academy has state-certified teachers with varying backgrounds who are qualified to support your child in many homework areas.

Edmond Learning Academy not only wants to support your child, but we strive to support family dynamics. Instead of butting heads with your child regarding homework assignments, let our experienced and certified staff decipher homework assignments. Offering homework help is a way of supporting our families and keeping the family dinner table happy.

Early Learner


The Early Learner Program has a comprehensive curriculum that correlates with the first years of school. Your child will learn foundational aspects of letters of the alphabet, which include: recognition of letters, formation of upper and lower case letters, and applying letter sounds.

While a student works towards mastery of the alphabet and its sounds, they will also become emergent readers by learning to decode and blend sounds for three-letter words. Students are also provided daily opportunities to practice word recognition through sight words, which is the best practice for supporting the foundational skills of reading.

In addition to developing and teaching the alphabetic code, Early Learners will practice and identify numbers, and also recognize number relationships in order to solve basic mathematical problems.

 The Hub

A space for homework, collaboration, and guidance. 

The Hub is a cozy room in which middle and high school students work on school assignments while under the guidance of a state-certified teacher. Created as a perfect blend of coffee shop + home, the Hub provides a comfortable yet structured space without distractions.  

A teacher is present to help students with any needed accountability, academic guidance, and weekly grade checks. Parents can receive a daily attendance email with the days/times their student attended The Hub. 

Current ELA students enrolled in tutoring or homeschool classes receive a significant discount on the monthly membership for The Hub. 

Plus, free pancakes during finals weeks! 


“Adam and Ms. Lisa invest in my kids. Their passion is clear and the atmosphere is so welcoming.”
Rebekah B.

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